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Where Service Meets Beauty

Where Service Meets BeautyWhere Service Meets Beauty

Nail Polishing . Hair Washing/Brushing . Eyelashes/Eyebrows

About Us ...


Are You Looking for Upgrading your Nails Appearance ?

We provide You with an Extensive Choice of Nail Colours, Gels and even On-Demand Designs (based on experience gained in Taiwan and Australia).


Professional Products

As our Privileged Customer you will benefit from Professional Products and Certified Polishing Techniques. Due to health reasons (both for you as customer and the nail specialist) we choose not to use any Acrylic Paint (based on polymer emulsion) - instead we work with more sustainable Nail Gel.


From Top to Toe ...

Of course, both Hands and Feet can be treated, or you can choose a complete Hair Washing & Brushing Session. We invite you to relax in our State-of-the-Art Comfortable Washing & Back/Neck Massage Seats !!!

Our Service List

Our prices are FULLY TRANSPARENT AND REFLECTION OF our quality label - ALSO, "early birds" with a visit or appointment before 12 noon time and loyal customers can benefit from a 10% discount on any service.

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We Love our Customers, so please visit us freely. 

Appointments/Visits before 12noon will receive 10% discount on any service.

Ella's Beauty Centre

Hoogstraat 95, 1000 Brussel

+32 467 69 50 06

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